Dental Trauma Treatment

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Children may experience dental trauma for a variety of reasons. The most common of these are fights, falls, and sports-related injuries. Tooth and mouth injuries are often the result of falls where a child has an object in their mouth. Call the Alderwood Children’s Dentistry team immediately if your child is experiencing a dental emergency. Our emergency after-hours number is available to provide support for urgent dental situations. 

How To Respond To Dental Emergencies

There is a range of dental traumas that your child may experience during their childhood. They range from having something caught between their teeth to having a tooth fully knocked out or avulsed. Thankfully, there are immediate things you can do to aid your child in these situations. In many cases, you’ll still need immediate help for these emergencies, but dental first aid can reduce the risks of lasting harm.

  • Dental Avulsion – Your first step in addressing an avulsed tooth is finding it and gently rinsing it with clean, pure water. In this process, be sure you only touch the tooth’s crown. The crown is the part you can see when it’s in the mouth instead of the hidden root. You should place the tooth into salt water or milk with younger children and then over ice to keep it cool and moist until you reach our office. In older children, you may be able to set it in the socket or in their cheek to keep it safe until you reach us.
  • Chips, Fractures, or Breaks – Find the missing fragment and call us immediately. Rinse their mouth with warm water and gently apply a cold compress to address the swelling.
  • Bitten Tongue or Lip – If your child has bitten their lip or tongue and bleeding has resulted, clean it with cool water. A cold compress can help suppress swelling while you contact us to assess the seriousness of the damage.
  • Broken Jaw – If you suspect your child has broken their jaw, contact our emergency number and head to the hospital. Broken jaws are most often the result of a severe blow to the head, which can be life-threatening on its own.
  • Toothache – There’s never a case where a toothache is normal; it’s always an indication of something amiss. However, the underlying cause can be as simple as something caught between their teeth. It can also be the result of damage to the tooth. Give your child pain relievers orally, but do not apply them topically to the site, nor should heat be applied directly. Call us to schedule an appointment immediately.

Alderwood Children’s Dentistry Is Here When You Need Us Most

Regardless of the nature of your child’s dental emergency, Alderwood Children’s Dentistry is here to help. No matter the time of night or day, our team will be available to set your mind at ease. Call us, and we’ll direct you on the right steps to protect your child’s oral health in the face of a dental emergency. We’ll be here to help you during and after the emergency at 19106 33rd Ave W, Suite 1, in Lynnwood, WA.