Restorative Dentistry

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Restoration dentistry is as essential a part of pediatric dental care as it is for adults. While these treatments restore function and appearance in children and adults, their role in pediatric patients is arguably more important. Restoration dentistry can provide valuable benefits to children and adults alike. However, children receiving these treatments can experience essential impacts on the lasting health of their smile. Alderwood Children’s Dentistry is dedicated to providing a full range of restoration treatments for families in the Lynnwood, WA area.

Experience The Benefits Of Pediatric Restoration Dentistry With Our Team

Teething can be one of the most trying times of a new parent’s day, but those new teeth are essential for your child’s oral health for many reasons. While they may be temporary, they provide essential support for developing a healthy adult smile. They play a role in the formation of the shape of the jaw and in determining how the permanent teeth fit into the mouth. When a primary (baby) tooth is lost, the neighboring teeth lose the support of that tooth. Further, the jaw bone doesn’t necessarily develop in a way that will accommodate the adult replacement for that tooth. This can result in misalignments, crowding, or other concerns. As a result, it’s advisable to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent the loss of this tooth and the vital support it provides. We provide restoration options for primary teeth affected by decay or damage.

  • Composite Restorations – These are commonly referred to as white or resin fillings and favored for their ability to be tinted. They address physical damage to the tooth and hide the restoration from casual view. This can help prevent any impact on your child’s socialization that less discrete restoration materials may play a role in.
  • Stainless Steel Crowns – These restorations are durable and long-lasting but cover the tooth’s entire surface, making them very noticeable. The material used in the reconstruction provides a resilient surface resistant to tooth decay. However, their visibility may affect your child’s socialization experiences..

Composite fillings are the most frequent choice for restoring primary teeth, especially when only a few minor cavities need addressing. A stainless steel crown may be needed if a tooth has been significantly impacted by decay. Children who are particularly susceptible to tooth decay may also be candidates for stainless steel crowns.

Take Steps To Prevent Decay Before Restoration Is Necessary

While the best preventative for tooth decay is a consistent oral hygiene routine, there are other ways our office can help. We offer dental sealants to help protect your child’s teeth. These are a thin plastic layer that’s painted onto the tooth that helps prevent the onset of dental decay. While they are most commonly applied to the molars and other hard-to-reach areas, they can be used on any tooth for solid protection. Learn more by reaching out to our office at 19106 33rd Ave W, Suite 1 in Lynnwood, WA.