Exam and Cleaning

lovely little girl smiling while sitting in a pediatric stomatology after teeth examination.

Alderwood Children’s Dentistry is proud to serve the Lynnwood area with essential pediatric dental care, including regular exams and cleaning. Preventative care is the best way to catch problems early and avoid advanced tooth decay and gum disease cases. Our staff is here to provide care to our diverse community and help every child in our care develop a healthy, lasting smile. This is part of our dedication to delivering effective pediatric dental care to our patient family.

What To Expect From Dental Exams and Preventative Care

Consistent dental care in the form of exams and professional cleanings is essential for keeping your child’s teeth healthy. During these exams, your child’s dentist will check the health of their oral cavity and look for signs of developing concerns. Our team will discuss any problems you may have observed, counsel you and your child on proper oral hygiene practices, and gather other important information. 

Dental Exams

We’re dedicated to delivering care in an environment that is welcoming to children of all ages and ensures they feel respected and heard during their treatment. As part of a routine exam, your child’s dentist will check for the following:

  • Signs of tooth decay and developing cavities
  • The development of tartar and plaque deposits
  • Indications of gum disease and gingivitis
  • Symptoms of TMJ disorder and bone disease
  • Common indicators of oral cancer

At Alderwood Children’s Dentistry, we believe that patient education is essential to dental care at any age. During your visit, your child’s provider will discuss any signs of improper oral hygiene practices. They’ll direct them on proper brushing and flossing techniques and the use of mouthwash in age-appropriate cases. When more advanced treatment is necessary, it will be presented in a way that will be reassuring and aimed at a positive experience for your child.

Dental Cleaning 

Professional dental cleaning is a core part of your child’s twice-yearly visits to our clinic. During these cleanings, your child will be engaged as part of the process, learning about their oral health care as the cleaning progresses. We use the latest tools to ensure the results are thorough and effective, addressing areas where flossing and brushing may have been missed. After the cleaning, we’ll review our findings and help ensure your child is better equipped to complete their oral hygiene routine successfully.

Schedule Your Next Visit To Alderwood Children’s Dental Today

Call us today if you’re looking for a new dentist for your child or have yet to schedule your next visit with our team. We’ll provide you with convenient appointment dates to ensure you can easily fit this necessary part of dental care into your schedule. Keeping current with your children’s oral health visits ensures they’ll retain a beautiful smile that will develop into a great adult smile. Our dedication to providing a welcoming and friendly environment for children ensures they’ll have a great experience every time.

We’re excited to see you at your child’s next visit to our clinic at 19106 33rd Ave W, Suite 1, Lynnwood, WA.