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Alderwood Children’s Dentistry focuses on ensuring that your children retain their teeth as long as possible. However, whether due to significant injury or advanced decay, it may become necessary to extract a tooth. When the time comes for an extraction, we take steps to provide an experience that is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Typically a simple extraction is all that will be needed. When surgical approaches are necessary, we’ll discuss the options with you and develop a treatment plan to address your child’s needs.

Understanding Simple Vs. Surgical Tooth Extractions

Throughout their childhood, your child may experience several situations requiring dental extraction. Among the most common situations are those involving dental trauma. This trauma may be the result of play or participation in sports activities. Dental decay is another common culprit, especially when root infection is involved. When root canal therapy doesn’t successfully resolve the issue, it may be necessary to extract the tooth. As your child ages, they may struggle with adult teeth requiring extraction. This often occurs with wisdom teeth or where crowding results in teeth becoming misaligned or impacted.

A simple extraction is one where there is no need for surgical intervention. These typically involve teeth easily visible above the gum line, where they’re easy to access. Your child’s provider will numb the area and grasp the tooth with a special tool that allows it to be carefully elevated out of its socket and removed. A simple local anesthetic is typically sufficient to manage any discomfort from this procedure.

Surgical extractions are necessary where the tooth isn’t visible or accessible. This can be due to the tooth having not yet erupted or being set further back in the jaw where the gum or jaw obscures it. Surgical procedures are used to provide access to the tooth and then remove it. Generally, general anesthesia is required to ensure your child remains comfortable during these procedures.

How Tooth Extraction Procedures Are Performed At Our Clinic

When you bring your child to Alderwood Children’s Dentistry for a dental extraction, it helps to know what to expect. These procedures are fairly routine and involve the following steps:

  • Initial Cleaning And Exam – An initial exam will determine any oral health concerns and develop a treatment plan that may involve a dental extraction.
  • Tooth Extraction – The type of extraction necessary will be determined, as well as the form of anesthetic necessary for the procedure.
  • Oral Surgery – If oral surgery is necessary, a date will be scheduled, and the procedure will be explained to you and your child. In some cases, multiple visits may be necessary to complete the full scope of care required.
  • Restoration Placement – In cases where restoration procedures have been deemed appropriate following the procedure, these will be scheduled and performed. Restoration procedures can include crowns, implants, bridges, etc.

After Your Extraction Procedure

After the procedure is completed, our team will review the recovery experience and provide you with anything you need to help it go smoothly. Our goal is to ensure your child’s comfortable and successful treatment experience. Schedule your consultation today at 19106 33rd Ave W, Suite 1, Lynnwood, WA.