Sedation Dentistry

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Going to the dentist can be an intimidating experience for many children. For some of them, it’s a general fear of the unknown, for others it’s the result of the spreading of unfortunate urban legends. Alderwood Children’s Dentistry works to offset these concerns by providing a welcoming kid-friendly atmosphere that sets your little ones at ease. We have options to help those children who experience severe dental phobia, have special needs, or are very young get the dental care they need. Dental sedation helps these children have a comfortable and relaxed oral health care experience every time.

Oral Sedation At Alderwood Children’s Dentistry

During your child’s visit to our clinic, you may be provided with the option of one of three different types of sedation to help ease their concerns. These options include:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation – This form of sedation takes the form of an oral sedative, typically in pill form. Your child will remain conscious throughout the procedure in most cases. However, the relaxing nature of the medication may lead them to fall asleep during the procedure. An important benefit of oral sedation is that it allows the sedation to be mild or moderate, as needed. Also, your child will be able to respond to the request of the dentist, and move as needed.
  • Nitrous Oxide – This form of sedation has been in use for well over a century, and remains a reliable and safe method. It is commonly referred to as laughing gas due to its ability to render the patient relaxed, often resulting in a giddiness that can cause laughter. It is quick acting and wears off just as quickly. This makes it easy to adjust as needed. Further, your child will remain conscious throughout, able to respond to their provider as needed. Once the procedure is over, they will recover from the sedation within minutes.
  • General Anesthesia – Some procedures will require that your child be unconscious throughout to be performed safely.  In these cases, general anesthesia will be applied with the guidance of a certified anesthesiologist, who will remain to monitor them throughout. Your child will remain asleep throughout the entire process and will not remember the treatment or feel anything happening during it.

Alderwood Children’s Dentistry is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for your child during every visit. We hold patient education as an important aspect of your and your child’s care and are prepared to address any concerns you may have.  Come prepared to have your questions answered prior to the procedure so that you can move forward with confidence.

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