Laser Lip and Tongue Frenectomies

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Many children are born with tongue ties or lip ties. These conditions can contribute to several health issues, such as difficulties eating, improper bites, mouth breathing, and obstructive sleep apnea. If they show symptoms of tongue or lip ties, our team offers frenectomy procedures to treat this condition and improve their oral health. 

What To Expect From Laser Lip and Tongue Frenectomies

Tongue ties are common congenital conditions that limit the use of the tongue. Short, tight bands of tissue tether the tongue’s tup to the mouth floor, affecting how they speak and eat. Lip ties are similar conditions that tether the upper lip to the upper gums with bands of tissue. Both conditions can cause ongoing health problems for infants and children because they restrict the tongue and lips. 

At Alderwood Children’s Dentistry, we offer laser frenectomies, a surgical procedure that releases the band of tissue connecting the tongue or lip to the rest of the mouth. Dr. Lim and their team can alleviate problems caused by tongue and lip ties by cauterizing and sterilizing the area, all performed in our comfortable, kid-friendly environment.

As a safe, effective procedure, it can positively affect your child’s health, increasing their ability to eat and speak normally and preventing possible dental issues associated with these conditions. We work with state-of-the-art soft tissue lasers to create tiny incisions in the frenulum, or tissue band, to release the tension and reduce the risk of infection. Below, further details can be found to show how we perform laser frenectomies: 

  • Evaluation: Our dentists will first perform a dental exam, where we will observe your child’s medical history. When observing your child’s mouth, we will be looking for a white, fibrous band that will appear between the lips and gums or the tongue and mouth. Once diagnosed, our team will schedule a treatment appointment and provide you with pre-operation instructions. 
  • Analgesic Gels: Before treatment, our dentists will numb the area with analgesic gels to protect the area from pain and injury in preparation for the laser frenectomy.
  • Laser Incision: During the procedure, our dentists will use the soft-tissue laser to make surgical incisions along the frena area. Depending on the size and location, the frena will either be partially or fully removed.
  • Recovery: After the procedure, our dentists will provide you with mouth-stretching exercises for your child to follow to promote healing. Laser frenectomies are painless, and your child’s mouth will heal and develop a normal frenum. 

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