The Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist

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When the time comes for your child to get braces, knowing what to ask your orthodontist could be quite a difficult task. Some parents may feel as though they are not asking the right questions, or even which questions they should be asking. Fortunately, Alderwood Children’s Dentistry is able to help make this process much easier and help you know what you should be asking your child’s orthodontist.

What Treatments Do You Offer?

While most orthodontists have been trained in all orthodontic practices, not all are willing to perform them. Some treatments may be considered more extreme than others and as a result, some orthodontists may simply choose not to do them in favor of more traditional treatments. In some cases, offices may simply not have the right resources available to perform certain treatments. To ensure that your child receives the best possible treatment, be sure to ask an orthodontist what treatments they offer.

How Old Do My Children Have To Be For Orthodontic Treatment?

Some orthodontists prefer to start very young with preventative treatments on young children so that there will be fewer problems when they become teenagers. Others however, prefer to wait until the mouth has finished growing completely, so that there is no possibility that new teeth can interfere with the treatments. Be sure to discuss with Dr. Worton what would be preferable so that there is a clear plan when the time comes for the procedure.

How Frequently Will My Child Need Appointments?

Everyone’s treatments and needs vary slightly, so it isn’t so easy to give a solid answer on frequency of visit, but if you ask your orthodontist, they should be able to give you a rough estimate and are often willing to work with you and your child’s schedule. For braces in particular, the wires need to be changed every few weeks in order to move the teeth carefully and quickly. Of course, other treatments will have different requirements for the frequency of your child’s appointments. Regardless of treatment however, your orthodontist will be able to give you a rough estimate from the start.

Are Orthodontic Treatments Painful?

While it is possible that you have heard that the treatments are painful, orthodontists actually strive to ensure that their patients are as comfortable as possible during the process of their treatments. There are some measures which can be taken to mitigate any discomfort that your child might experience and you should consult with your orthodontist about what is right for your child.

Does My Child Need to Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed Before Orthodontics?

There are some orthodontists who prefer that their patients have had their wisdom teeth removed before orthodontics simply because wisdom teeth may push the teeth out of alignment. Of course, depending on your child’s age, it may not be appropriate for them to have their wisdom teeth removed just yet. Your orthodontist will be able to advise you on the topic, but it is not necessary for your child to have their wisdom teeth in order to receive orthodontic treatment.

How Much Will The Treatment Cost?

Many orthodontists you come across will have a predetermined payment plan and work with you and your insurance provider to ensure that your child will be able to receive whatever treatment is necessary. With that said, some doctors are only able to work with certain insurance options or maybe offer treatments that another orthodontist offers for less money. In either case, it is important to know before treatment begins what sort of payment plan you will agree to. Most orthodontists are able to give you a quote for your treatment and help you have a better idea of how much it is going to potentially cost.

What Alternatives Are There To Braces?

Alternatives to braces are very popular for those who need braces, but wish to go with something more that has a more subtle look. Invisalign and Invisalign Teen remain ever popular options, using a series of clear plastic retainers as an alternative to traditional metal brackets, however it is not commonly recommended for very young children. That isn’t to say that Invisalign is not an option for your child, but if you would like to consider what alternatives are available for your child, ask your orthodontist what they think about potentially trying Invisalign!

Can Orthodontic Treatment Wait A Few Years?

By looking at your child’s x-rays and bite pattern, both of which can be sent by Alderwood’s Children’s Dentistry, your orthodontist should be able to give you a good idea of what could happen if you choose to delay treatment. It is entirely possible that waiting a few years is a viable option, or if treatment would be best started immediately.

What Are The Office Hours?

It may surprise you to find out some orthodontists keep odd hours, which might guarantee that an appointment will be made during school or work hours. Some other offices might have taken measures to allow their patients to have more flexible appointment times. Regardless, it is important to know the times kept by your orthodontist. This can often be found with a quick search online, but if you have trouble finding it listed anywhere, you could always just call and ask.

What Should I Do If I Have an Orthodontic Emergency?

Braces are quite prone to uncomfortable situations. Wires may slide free from a bracket poking the cheek or gums or brackets may pop off after a rubber band comes loose. It is important to ask your orthodontist from the start what to do in the event of an emergency, especially in the event of a more severe emergency. In the event of an emergency though, you should know if you can call your orthodontist and they will tell you what to do or arrange for an emergency appointment. If your orthodontist has no sort of contingency plans for such an event, it is best to find one who does.

Contact Alderwood Children’s Dentistry With Any Other Questions You Might Have!

At Alderwood Children’s Dentistry, we strive to ensure that you are able to provide your child with the best care available. If you have any further questions regarding your child’s orthodontic treatment, feel free to contact us and ask us whatever you might want to know. We have offices located in Edmond, Bothel and Hill Creek and would be happy to help in any way that we can!

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